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A lot of people believe that being caught with stolen property in their possession means they are irrefutably guilty. In reality though, a Denver theft criminal attorney can help you fight charges of theft, no matter what the specific circumstances involved.

Even if the crime is only a misdemeanor, you may still face great consequences if you are convicted. People judge convicted criminals differently, particularly employers and landlords. If you have a theft crime on your record, these people will not trust you and may not want to hire you or provide you housing. These social biases are hard to overcome and the easiest way to prevent them is by working with a Denver criminal lawyer who will keep you from being convicted in the first place.

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Whether you have been accused of shoplifting, embezzlement, carjacking or larceny, your Denver criminal attorney has a lot of options when it comes to creating a successful crime defense in Colorado. The first thing he will do is examine the situation that led to your arrest. If you were stopped by a police officer, he or she must have a valid reason to have pulled you over. If a security guard caught you shoplifting, you must have left the store with the item or your Denver criminal lawyer may be able to show that you had no intent to steal it. Many theft crimes include illegal search and seizure techniques performed by the security officer or police officer who arrested you. In these cases, your attorney will argue to have the evidence suppressed because your constitutional rights were violated.

At The Law Offices of Denver's Criminal Attorney, we have helped our clients fight all number of theft crime accusations, including: