Denver DUI Attorney

A drunk driving conviction can completely ruin your future. If you have been arrested for DUI in the Denver area, take control of your case by contacting a Denver criminal attorney as soon as possible. Our firm can help you if you are facing DUI or DWAI charges in the Denver area.

Time is important, don't hesitate to contact a Denver Criminal Lawyer

If your BAC level was under .05, you will be charged with DWAI (Driving While Ability is Impaired). Any BAC test results above this level will result in full DUI charges.

Even if you are only facing DWAI charges, you still need to consult with a Denver criminal attorney. The maximum penalties include:

If you are convicted of DUI, your penalties will be increased, including a license suspension of at least 9 months.

 Our Denver criminal attorney can provide legal representation to individuals facing DUI or DWAI charges. Being arrested is a serious event in anyone’s life and requires the assistance of a trained professional.

A DUI/DWAI conviction affects more than just your criminal record, but your driver’s license and your driving record. Don’t face your charges alone; a well planned defense between you and your lawyer can change the outcome of your case entirely.

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