Human trafficking has received a lot of media attention in recent years, bolstering law enforcement to crack down on this crime. Trafficking charges are distinct from prostitution and other sex crime charges in that they are automatically considered felony offenses.  If you have been accused of trafficking, your freedom is at stake.  Contact our office today to speak with a Denver criminal attorney about your case.

When you retain our services, the first thing your Denver criminal attorney will do is investigate the case against you. We will look for illegally obtained evidence and also work to ensure that the prosecution’s case against you is based on more than just circumstantial evidence. If the evidence used against you is unconstitutional in its nature or in the way it was procured, we will ensure it cannot be used in trial. After that evidence is removed, we will help evaluate the evidence against you to see how strong your case is.

A Denver Criminal Lawyer is essential to your legal case

In some cases, if we feel we cannot win the trial based on the amount of evidence against you, we may instead help you negotiate a winning plea bargain that will involve a conviction for a similar, but less controversial charge with a smaller criminal penalty.

The Denver criminal attorney law offices are dedicated to protect the rights of our clients and preserve their freedom. Our Colorado criminal defense lawyers are experienced handling sensitive cases such as trafficking and other similar charges.

If you have been accused of trafficking, please call our offices and schedule a consultation with a top Denver criminal lawyer.