Colorado Criminal Attorney and Drug Crimes

The law enforcement of Colorado along with federal agencies, such as the DEA, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, continue to battle the war against drugs by aggressively investigating and prosecuting people. If you are accused of drug trafficking or you were arrested for possession of illegal drugs, a conviction can lead to an array of penalties and consequences. Only a skilled and knowledgeable Denver drug crimes criminal lawyer can defend you against such accusations and avoid maximum punishment.

Been charged with a crime? Time to call our Denver Criminal Attorney

The law firm of Denver Criminal Attorney is composed by a team of talented Denver criminal lawyers who believe in protecting the rights of the accused, including people facing drug crime charges. We have all the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the most favorable conclusion, given the circumstances surrounding your drug charges. In some cases, we are able to obtain a not guilty verdict or minimize the charges to avoid maximum penalties.

Some of the state and federal drug charges we have experience handling, include:

We have spent a number of years helping people who face state and federal drug charges in Denver and throughout Colorado. A Denver drug crime lawyer from our law firm understands the state and federal laws concerning drug policies, as well as federal search and seizure laws that protect your rights. We can help you avoid maximum punishment, or obtain a not guilty verdict when possible, by creating a strong defense or negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Denver criminal lawyer. If you believe you are under investigation, don’t wait to contact us. We can zealously defend you against any type of drug charge in Colorado.