Denver Probation Violation Lawyer

Probation is better than prison, but it still is filled with restrictions and often proves to be a far cry from freedom. If you have been accused of committing another crime or of violating your probation, you could quickly lose that little bit of freedom and be forced to go to prison, or you could be sentenced to spend even an even longer term on probation. These consequences are serious and your only chance of beating the accusations is through the help of a top Denver criminal attorney.

In some cases, a minor probation violation may be overlooked by your probation officer or he may only choose to issue you a warning. Most probation officers want to see the people they supervise adapt back into productive society and stay out of jail. Unfortunately, if your probation violation has driven your officer to file for a hearing, he will most likely be arguing for you to be sent to prison. These hearings are largely different than a criminal trial in that you are not considered innocent until proven guilty and the prosecution must only prove that you were likely to have committed a violation. That is why it is so critical that your Denver criminal lawyer can persuasively argue against further incarceration or other sentencing.

Our Denver Criminal Lawyer Provides Excellent Representation

While you have far fewer rights during this hearing, you always have the right to request the assistance of a Denver criminal attorney and you should always take advantage of this right. With a legal representative at your side, your chances of winning at your hearing will significantly increase. Your defense can show that the evidence against you is shoddy, circumstantial or weak. Your attorney may also be able to show that the violation was too minor to require further sentencing.

Each situation is different, but all probation violation hearings should include assistance for the defendant that includes a Denver criminal lawyer. If you have any questions, please call The Law Offices of A Denver's Criminal Attorney.