Colorado Arson Criminal Attorney

Arson is highly dangerous crime that costs millions of dollars in property damages every year. Many people who commit the crime do so with the intention to hide evidence of other crimes or in order to obtain insurance settlements, which means this accusation is often charged in conjunction with other crimes. If you have been accused of arson, it is critical you immediately speak with a skilled Denver criminal attorney.

If you have been accused of arson, you will face either felony or misdemeanor charges depending on where the fire took place, the intention behind the incineration and whether or not anyone was injured. The most minor penalties occur when a person willfully or recklessly starts a fire that threatens harm a structure on another person’s property. It is important to note that if the fire was caused by an honest mistake or if a controlled burn suddenly went out of control, you cannot be convicted of this crime. If there is insufficient evidence to prove that you started the fire recklessly or willfully, your Denver criminal lawyer can help prove that you are innocent of the charges.

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All other arson accusations are felonies, but the charges increase according to the same factors above. If a person was endangered by a fire you willingly caused, if someone else’s property was burned without their consent or if you are accused of started the fire with the intent to defraud, you could face forth degree felony charges. If you are accused of burning a structure on someone else’s property without their consent, the crime will be a third degree felony. These charges are all very serious, but they all require a high volume of evidence to prove, which is why a Denver criminal attorney can be so critical to your case.

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