Colorado Fraud Attorney

Fraud is the illegal gain of property or money through dishonest means. Some fraud cases are resolved in state courts, but many are federal crimes that will be investigated by the FBI, US Postal Service or IRS. In some cases, a state fraud charge will lead to further investigation by a federal agency, resulting in additional federal charges. If you believe you may be under investigation for fraud, please call a Denver criminal attorney as soon as possible.

When selecting the right Denver criminal lawyer for your case, always opt to work with someone who has experience defending clients at both the state and federal levels. This way, if your case drudges up additional charges by other agencies, you will not need to hire a second defense firm in Colorado.

Our Denver Criminal Lawyer understands how to navigate a difficult situation

Fraud charges can result in extensive penalties, including long prison sentences, forfeiture of property, loss of professional licenses and massive fines. Once you have served your time for a fraud charge, you may face additional punishments due to social perceptions of convicted fraudsters. You may have difficulty finding employment in your previous profession and may even have troubles finding housing. The best way to avoid these consequences is to work with a skilled Denver criminal attorney from the very second you believe you are being investigated.

When you work with our offices, your Denver criminal lawyer will immediately go about working to protect your rights and fight the acquisition of evidence against you. We will ensure that all searches and interrogations are performed legally. If any of your rights are violated during the investigation process, we will move to have this evidence struck from the record so it cannot be used against you.

If you believe your are being investigated for fraud, do not wait to get in touch with a skilled Denver criminal lawyer. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin working on a winning defense strategy for your case.