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Animal cruelty is largely considered an area for local municipalities to take care of, which is why the laws will vary so greatly from state to state and city to city. In Colorado, these crimes are considered a Class one misdemeanor. In many cases though, you may be able to fight the convictions with the help of a skilled Denver criminal attorney.

There are two basic types of animal cruelty, the intentional mistreatment of animals and the negligent mistreatment of animals. If you purposefully abused or mutilated an animal, your Denver criminal lawyer will require a different defense strategy than if you forgot to provide your pet with enough food or water. Another common form of negligent mistreatment includes allowing a dog to roam the public streets. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of defense will best suit your case, be sure to discuss the situation with your defense representative.

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In cases of negligent mistreatment, your Denver criminal attorney may be able to show that the reason for your mistakes was beyond your control. For example, if you left the animal in control of someone else while you were on vacation and that person failed in their duties, it is not your fault. Even if it is undoubtedly your fault though, we can still come up with a number of solutions that may prevent you from having to serve a sentence. The court may be willing to suspend any penalties if you give the pet to a new owner, better secure your fence, or enter your animal into training classes.

When it comes to intentional animal cruelty cases, you could be subject to a $1000 fine and six months in prison. The courts will generally waive the prison sentence and all but $500 of the fine if you successfully complete an anger management course though. You may be able to avoid these consequences all together though if your Denver criminal lawyer can prove that you did not abuse the animal.

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