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As a violent sex crime, rape is prosecuted as a felony offense here in the state of Colorado. If you or someone you live is facing such a charge in the Denver area, it is imperative that you contact a sex crimes attorney immediately after you suspect you’re under investigation.

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Law enforcement has been known to use deceptive tactics to obtain confessions from alleged rapists – even if they’re actually innocent. Maintain your silence and contact our law offices to speak with a Denver rape criminal attorney immediately.\

The Denver criminal attorney law offices are dedicated to protect the rights of our clients and preserve their freedom. Our Colorado criminal defense lawyers are experienced handling sensitive cases such as sex crimes and other criminal charges.

Our firm has also defended clients against similar sex crime charges such as:

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Under Colorado law, most sex crime convictions carry long sentences in prison. As a violent crime, a convicted rapist will also have to register as a sex offender for life. You need an attorney who will go all out to defend your case and pursue a positive outcome.

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