If you have been arrested or deemed a suspect in a murder case, your future and freedom are at stake. A conviction could get you thrown in prison, or perhaps even worse, put on death row.  It is imperative that you seek the legal help of a skilled and talented Denver murder criminal lawyer who can defend your case and pursue the results you need.

In the state of Colorado, the following homicide charges are recognized:

Murder charges are distinct from other homicide charges in that they imply the alleged killer both intended to kill and planned to kill the victim on some level.

The best-case scenario in a murder case is to have it dismissed completely prior to or during trial.  However in cases where this is not possible, our Denver Criminal Attorney works diligently to plea down murder charges to manslaughter.

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A Denver criminal lawyer is prepared to handle your case with the utmost attention and expertise possible to obtain a positive conclusion. We will diligently work to create a strong defense by utilizing all of our resources and by working with forensic experts and investigators. We will also question witnesses, challenge the prosecutor’s evidence, and prepare your case for trial if necessary.

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