The manufacturing, distribution and possession of child pornography on the internet are sordid facts of this day and age. And, prosecution of the increasingly stricter state and federal laws has ramped up in an aggressive attempt to put an end to this evil. With the internet becoming more and more accessible to all, there is more of an opportunity for the malevolence of child pornography to insinuate itself into the homes, offices and lives of innocent people.

No one is immune to the deluge of spam that appears in our email accounts on a daily basis. And, no matter how careful we are to not open unsolicited files, we are all vulnerable to the accidental opening of one that results in the downloading of such filth. A computer virus is another way for uninvited pornography to insert itself into your life. Even though you personally did not view the pornographic sites, your computer has viewed them, giving you the appearance of guilt which can lead to a criminal investigation, a criminal charge and possibly a conviction. That kind of bad mark on your record will have long lasting negative repercussions.

Our Denver Criminal Lawyer Can Help You Prove Innocence

The law firm of Denver's Criminal Attorney hopes that this tragedy never befalls you, but if it does, we are here to help. While the prosecution must prove that you had knowledge and control over the pornographic images, the job of a skilled Denver child pornography defense attorney is to convince them that even though your computer may be guilty, you are innocent of any wrong doing.

The Denver child pornography defense lawyers of the Our law offices are technologically savvy and experienced in finding ways to prove the innocence of those caught in this insidious trap. If you, or a loved one, have been charged with the possession of child pornography, please contact us as soon as possible to speak with a Denver criminal attorney and we will begin building a strong defense with a goal of clearing your good name.