Denver Gun Crimes Lawyer

Gun crime convictions can result in very serious penalties including lengthy prison sentences, probation, fines and the prohibition of your ability to possess a firearm in the future. If you have been accused of a gun or other weapons possession crime, please call a skilled Denver criminal attorney from our firm.

While Colorado does not have laws preventing the access of weapons to children or the registration of firearms, it does regulate juvenile possession of firearms and the sale and transfer of guns. So if you own a firearm of any type, you do not need to be concerned with notifying the government about it, until you chose to sell or give away the gun.

Because the state has such lenient laws about gun possession, many people forget to follow the laws that are enforced by the police. If you wish to carry your handgun on your person, you will need to get a concealed weapons permit. This crime is very serious and fighting these charges will require the assistance of your Denver criminal lawyer.

You could also be arrested if you are on probation and you are caught carrying a weapon. This crime could result in your probation being revoked and additional criminal charges. Another common gun crime in Colorado involves juvenile possession of firearms. Just because your child has been charged with a firearms crime doesn’t mean there is no defense. Juveniles can legally use handguns during permitted safety courses, target practice with a Colorado license, and on their parent’s property as long as the parent is legally allowed to possess a weapon and has given the child permission. These are only a handful of the ways your Denver criminal attorney may fight these charges.

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If you have been arrested for these or any other weapons charges, please call a Denver criminal lawyer from our firm as soon as possible to schedule your free initial consultation.